The Wiz


Salesforce Specialist, Adventurer, Jeeper, Photographer, Keto enthusiast, Gamer, Occasional Twitch Streamer Specialist

I’ve been working with since 2011, starting on the SOAP API end. From there I’ve grown to work with all elements of the platform including: Apex, Visualforce,  Triggers, Workflows, Data Modeling, and at least a dozen communities. Salesforce is an amazing platform that lets you get right down to business without worrying about the technology. As soon as a new requirement for business logic comes along, you can jump in and implement it.

Are there limitations? You bet, but that’s where you put on your creative problem solving hat and work your way around them. Don’t worry though, the limitations aren’t deal breakers… just minor inconveniences sometimes.

Favorite Projects
  • Nitto Tire

  • Campus Special (Chegg)

  • Catalina Marketing

  • Aveda Institutes

Photography Enthusiast

Photography has long been a favorite hobby of mine, as it allows you to share your perspective of the world with others. The possibilities are endless and there’s always a new angle to capture a shot from, and no shortage of creativity to make a shot that much more amazing.

I started out photographing at car meets during my time at UCF. Living in Florida at the time, capturing skylines from the beach at night became a focus as well. And once I started traveling, I would bring the camera along every chance I had. You never know what you’ll run into or if you’ll be able to capture the moment again.

The picture to the left is from the city of Pripyat in the Chernobyl Exclusion zone in Ukraine. In September if 2016 I took a month long trip to Poland and took a 2 day tour of Chernobyl from It’s what remains of a small amusement park for the children of the nuclear power plan workers.

Adventure Junkie

In 2015 I ventured out to Arizona on a business trip and stayed for a few extra days to explore. Having always been curious about off-roading, I rented a jeep in Sedona from Barlow’s and set off on a 2 day wheeling adventure. 1 year later, I moved to Tucson, bought a Wrangler JKU Sahara and have been wheeling every change I get.